Friday, January 22, 2016

Comfort Buddies

Comfort Buddies is a calming strategy I use for my younger students experiencing anxiety.  Over the years, I've found Distraction as an effective anxiety treatment option. Distraction is defined as: Something that makes it difficult to pay attention or that draws attention away from concerns. Distraction is a great way of helping students put their mind onto something POSITIVE instead of the NEGATIVE symptoms they are experiencing. I found a cute, cheap Over the Door Shoe Holder and I filled it with stuffed animals.  When students come to me upset, or full of anxiety, I let them pick out a Comfort Buddy to hang out with for a few minutes in my office. It doesn't take long for them to calm down and feel better. 

To go with the Comfort Buddies I found these cute Stretchy Dogs in the Target Dollar Spot.  I use them as a fidget toy.  I have my students keep the stretchy dog in their pocket.  If they start to feel sad or anxious again, they can put it in their hand to help them feel better.  I have been happy with the success of this coping strategy in helping to reduce fears and worries.

Click here if you would like a Comfort Buddies Cover Page.

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